Turn in Volunteer Application Forms for Coaches, your Assist. Coaches, Team Mom, any anyone helping or will be on field or in the dugout. 

1. Remember No one wants to make mistakes regardless of how old you are
2. Remember No One is Perfect, no matter who you are
Today's practice is tomorrow's Victory! 

Praise, Encourage, and Happiness will build the Confidence needed in our daily lives
not just on the field.

Use Positive Comments and Teach Good Sportmanship Attitudes Use skill drills appropriate for your age division, and work with all members of your TEAM
Players want to succeed - You can help them achieve this goal
Build confidence - show patience - Praise with excitement Communication with all players and parents Work together - Win or Lose Remember safety wear proper practice and game uniforms and cleats Have a Plan for Practices and Games Practice hard - give 100% effort (hustle)

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Kyndallwaller.wixsite.com   -Huge thanks to Kyndall for producing some of our wonderful All Star Signs located on our Concessions Building. Should you want one for your team, please contact Kyndall. Click the link to view her website or give her a shout at 931-896-3151 or Kyndall.Waller@gmail.com