Coaches, Players, Families, and Friends join together to provide leadership, respect, and positive attitudes.
A Triple-Impact Competitor works as hard as possible to make a positive impact on three levels:

        a. Improving yourself as a person and competitor
        b. Working together and Helping others improve
        c. Honor and Respect for Teammates, Coaches, and Parents
This not only builds a great team on the field but builds lasting relationships off the field.

The choice is yours. Choose to be positive, encouraging, and to have patience. 

Tee ball division $65 and all other age divisions $80
Player Registration and Medical Release forms are for 2017 Spring Season

Player Registration Form   click link in red

MEDICAL RELEASE FORM     click link in red

 CoachesConcussion Form: Click HERE

Click on the free online concussion training for coaches or the
HEADS UP CONCUSSION in youth sports picture

Your login should be your First and Last name

You will need speakers to hear sound and also a printer to print your
Certificate to be turned into with your team roster

The test will take up to 20-25 minutes

Look for this ICON:

 Certificate turned in with your other paperwork before the Season begins

Player Athlete Concussion Form: Click Here